Sicily makes the heart grow fonder

Pack your swimsuit and go, Sicily and its crystalline sea are waiting for you! Countryside, seaside, cities, this tour really has it all! Bologna will treat you to its amazing food and nice valleys, and you’ll have the chance to meet Human Destination’s team! Sicily on the other hand will allow you to relax watching the waves crush on the beaches. Are you not convinced yet? Keep reading and change your mind!

Trip Duration

16 Day(s) 15 Night(s)


Enjoying the countryside, Going Sightseeing, Going to museums and art galleries, Going to the seaside, Relaxing, Wine and Food Tastings



Trip Outline

This tour is perfect for you if: You want to experience Real Italy, meet Italians or visit special places. If you’ve always dreamt of spending time on the sweet Italian hills, or the stunning clear beaches and the typical alleys but you are not a fan of cities packed with tourists, if you want to feel Italian, even for a little while. So, if your dream is to leave by the seaside, if your element is water and you love to wake up listening to the sound of the sea, this tour was made for you!

  1. Day 1

    Welcome to Bologna

    Arrival at Bologna’s airport where you’ll be welcomed by Ivano and Stéphanie. Free ride through the alleys of the city, discovering Bologna, that is known in Italy as: the wise, the fat and the red. Return to the B&B for a tasting of typical km0 products, cold cuts, cheeses and local wines.
  2. Day 2

    Let’s explore Bologna

    Enjoy a Free day through the city; take a tour in the historical shops of the city and, for an authentic experience, we can lend you one of our bicycles, that will be waiting for you at the B&B!
  3. Day 3

    Time to get lost in the hills, let’s go to Valsamoggia

    Breakfast and transfer to Valsamoggia, a little town in Bologna’s hills, where our headquarter is based. Here Silvia, who will lead the group to the Human Destination Court, will welcome you. We’ll have lunch together and then visit the most beautiful and characteristic villages and craft shops of the valley. Then you’ll relax during the afternoon with the possibility of using the pool in good weather (yes we have a swimming pool in out courthouse, and we spend there our summer lunchbreaks…How cool!) Dinner in a typical trattoria.
  4. Day 4

    Oh, that island life, time to move to Pantelleria

    Have breakfast with us in our B&B, then catch your next flight Bologna-Pantelleria (via Palermo). Arrive in the enchanting Pantelleria and explore the accommodation and your characteristic dammuso. Relax.
  5. Day 5

    Artisan shops and seaside, is there anything better?

    In the morning, you will explore one of the artisan workshops of the island to discover Pantelleria’s ceramics. In the afternoon, you’ll be able to relax in one of the splendid beaches of black rocks that characterizes the volcanic island of Pantelleria. What we recommend is to hop over to Balata dei Turchi: the most primitive beach of the island.
  6. Day 6

    Pantelleria like a sailor!

    fter breakfast, you’ll discover of the island through the eyes of those who have dedicated their lives to the sea: a Pantelleria sailor will take you on a boat among coves and small ports. After lunch, enjoy a relaxing afternoon. What we recommend for the day is Cala Cottone: the most solitary beach.
  7. Day 7

    Glaze at the sunset in Pantelleria

    Enjoy the morning in our recommended beach for the day, Mursia: the beach with the most beautiful depths. Spend the Afternoon in a winery producing the renowned Zibibbo: liqueur wine typical of Sicilian lands. We’ll stop here for an aperitivo, savoring wines and Pantelleria specialties while glazing at the sunset.
  8. Day 8

    Daytrip! The hidden corners of Pantelleria

    Daytrip!!! The whole day will be dedicated to relaxing and discovering the most hidden coves of the island. The perfect beach to do that is Martingana: protected by the north wind surrounded by the vines of Zibibbo.
  9. Day 9

    Horseback walk through the ancient paths of Pantelleria

    Relaxing morning in the beautiful beach Bue Marino alto: the beach of the islanders. In the afternoon, you’ll walk on horseback through ancient paths and enchanting landscapes, between the black of the lava rock and the intense blue of the sea.
  10. Day 10

    So long Pantelleria!

    Your last whole day in Pantelleria will be dedicated to the history of the island: we will discover the sites that make the territory of Pantelleria a widespread museum through a guided trek with an archaeological itinerary. We reach Suakl, the Cala dei Tramonti, at dusk to admire the sun going down on the coasts of Africa.
  11. Day 11

    Island number two, let’s go to Palermo!

    In the morning, you’ll have a chance to visit the last beach of the island: Arch of the Elephant. It is the symbol of the island, where you’ll have to take a dip in the splendid waters where the rock elephant's trunk is immersed. In the afternoon, catch your flight to Palermo and enjoy your accommodation in B&B.
  12. Day 12

    Creative Palermo

    After breakfast, spend the day wandering around to discover the city Capital of Culture 2018. Walk through the alleys of the center to discover the small local crafts, to get to know the young artists who had the courage to reopen the shutters of the old shops and find out their stories.
  13. Day 13

    Make your own souvenir in Palermo

    After breakfast, keep discovering the warm Palermo, a city of hospitality. Today we will dedicate ourselves to a creative workshop: a convivial afternoon dedicated to creativity and in the company of an artisan. Create a souvenir of your journey, a unique and handmade object made with your own hands.
  14. Day 14

    DAYTRIP! Monreale, the city of the mosaic

    Another Daytrip! Just a few kilometers from Palermo, we’ll go to Monreale to discover, by walking through its characteristic streets, the mosaics that have made the Sicilian town famous all over the world. You’ll meet, in one of the historic workshops of the center, a mosaic artisan who will tell us the story of how he made a living out of this art.
  15. Day 15

    Hinterland! The breathtaking landscapes of Piana degli Albanesi

    Enjoy your last day in Sicily in the hinterland of Palermo, with a breathtaking landscape bordered by incomparable beauty, here you’ll be welcomed by the Albanian Plain. It’s a special and unique place in Italy: here the Albanian customs are still preserved, brought here in the second half of the XV by a group of Greek - Albanian exiles who sought refuge in Italy. Gold embroidery is a tradition of this area: it tells us a story and makes us touch its preciousness with the local craftsman. In the afternoon catch your flight to Bologna, and enjoy the accommodation in a B&B.
  16. Day16

    Time to Say goodbye!

    After breakfast, jump on your Flight Bologna - Philadelphia.

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