A pasta dish a day keeps the doctor away

Pasta Alfredo, Spaghetti Bolognese, Pinapple Pizza…You’ll find none of this in Italy. Get ready to have your taste buds blown away by the healthy and fresh ingredients that our little markets and vegetable gardens produce everyday! And if you are a vegetarian, don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of options too! So if you are a foodie, stop watching tutorials on how to make the perfect linguine, jump on the next flight to Bologna and come meet us!

Trip Duration

15 Day(s) 14 Night(s)


Enjoying the countryside, Hiking, Relaxing, Visiting local markets, Wine and Food Tastings



Trip Outline

This tour is perfect for you if: You want to experience Real Italy, meet Italians or visit special places. If you’ve always dreamt of spending time on the sweet Italian hills, or the stunning clear beaches and the typical alleys but you are not a fan of cities packed with tourists, if you want to feel Italian, even for a little while. Also, if you love eating, cooking and exploring little markets, if you are all about food, then this tour was made for you!

  1. Day 1

    Welcome to Bologna

    Arrival at Bologna’s airport where you’ll be welcomed by Ivano and Stéphanie. Free ride through the alleys of the city, discovering Bologna, that is known in Italy as: the wise, the fat and the red. Return to the B&B for a tasting of typical km0 products, cold cuts, cheeses and local wines.
  2. Day 2

    Let’s explore Bologna

    Enjoy a Free day through the city; take a tour in the historical shops of the city and, for an authentic experience, we can lend you one of our bicycles, that will be waiting for you at the B&B!
  3. Day 3

    Time to get lost in the hills, let’s go to Valsamoggia

    Breakfast and transfer to Valsamoggia, a little town in Bologna’s hills, where our headquarter is based. Here Silvia, who will lead the group to the Human Destination Court, will welcome you. We’ll have lunch together and then visit the most beautiful and characteristic villages and craft shops of the valley. Dinner in a typical trattoria.
  4. Day 4

    Let’s walk through Valsamoggia

    You’ll have breakfast, then enjoy walk along nature and the Calanchi, an enchanting result of soil erosion. Then you’ll relax during the afternoon with the possibility of using the pool in good weather (yes we have a swimming pool in out courthouse, and we spend there our summer lunchbreaks…How cool!) Social dinner all together.
  5. Day 5

    Puglia here we come!

    Transfer to Bologna’s airport where you’ll catch a flight to Brindisi You will then reach Lecce, where you’ll be able to enjoy a free ride in the city and will then be transferred to Angelita’s farm, where you’ll enjoy a typical dinner in a masseria.
  6. Day 6

    Natural walk on the Cipolliane path

    You will Relax all morning long, by the pool if you’d like. Get ready for that Italian tan! Have Lunch in the Masseria. In the afternoon, enjoy a nature walk along the wonderful Cipolliane path (http://www.cipolliane.info). Finish your day with a dinner in a local trattoria (transport by Angelita).
  7. Day 7

    Cooking class!

    Enjoy a relaxed breakfast at the farm, followed by a cooking class with authentic Salento flavours and community lunch, then relax in the farm, you can also use the beautiful swimming pool. Enjoy new Italian food, have dinner in a local trattoria (transport by Angelita).
  8. Day 8

    The most typical town of all: Alberobello

    Have your last breakfast at the farm, say goodbye to Angelita and transfer from Fasano to Alberobello. You will soon arrive in the Trulli and you will be welcomed with an Apulian cooking lesson. It will be a relaxing afternoon with your hands in pastry with Zia Rosanna, learning her secrets in the kitchen: the handmade orecchiette, the focaccia, the "poveredd" meatballs and many other recipes! In the afternoon relax and use the pool. Have Lunch and dinner with your new guest Andrea!
  9. Day 9

    Get lost in Alberobello’s forest with Giuseppe, the poet

    Together with the poet Giuseppe, we will explore the ancient wood of Alberobello to discover its plants, the animals that inhabit it and the landscape and millennial history of these places. In the afternoon, you will have the chance to relax and use the pool. You will be Andrea’s guests for Lunch and dinner.
  10. Day 10

    DAYTRIP! Ostuni, the white city

    Have breakfast at the farm, then get ready for a daytrip! The day will be dedicated to Ostuni: we will loose ourselves in the narrow streets between its whitewashed houses painted and we will have lunch in one of the typical restaurants, where the specialty is fish combined with the scents and flavours of the Mediterranean. Finally, you’ll have Dinner with your guest Andrea.
  11. Day 11

    DAYTRIP… AGAIN! Monopoli

    You’ll have breakfast at the farm, then you’ll leave for a walk along the panoramic road that leads to the "Selva di Fasano". You’ll have the chance to stop at "Loggia del pilato", the natural terrace that dominates the flat landscape characterized by fortified farmhouses, churches, villas and where the 99 districts of the municipality of Monopoli extend. Just imagine the Instagram pics you can take from there. You’ll then stop and have lunch in a traditional restaurant. After lunch and an espresso, we will continue the walk, through the castle and by the ancient walls, all the way to the beautiful Monopoli, which is reflected in the Adriatic sea. Restore after the long day with a pleasant dinner.
  12. Day 12

    The European capital of culture 20190: Matera!

    Time to say goodbye to Apulia, and Andrea! Your next step is Matera! After your arrival, Matera and Eliana, your next human destination, will welcome you with a tour for craft shops. You’ll have the chance to tour with her the beautiful Sassi, enjoying the beauty that surrounds them and going to visit interesting projects by local artisans or artists. Have Lunch and dinner independently, while you walk through the chilled alleys of Matera!
  13. Day 13

    That artisan life! Get to know Matera

    Have Breakfast at the B&B and enjoy a free morning of relax among the Sassi. Have lunch while visiting the city! Do not worry Eliana will advise you with all of the best places you can find in Matera! During the afternoon, discover the flavours of the territory with Eliana. You will get to know the local flavours in a shop which promotes small local distribution, in which the products are chosen with care and in direct contact with the producers. A beautiful sunset will then await you, and you will glaze at it savouring special foods and contemplating the Sassi in the magic of the silence of the Murgia of Matera.
  14. Day 14

    Back to Bologna

    Have Breakfast in the B&B. Transfer from Matera to Bari, where you’ll catch your flight back to Bologna. Spend the afternoon in Bologna and buy all of the food! Your friends at home will be extremely grateful!
  15. Day 15

    Time to Say goodbye!

    After breakfast, jump on your Flight Bologna - Philadelphia.

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